A fabulous local designer came into the studio the other day and left us with the absolute best parting words. She said our fabrics and wallcoverings were JOYFUL. Taking a moment to relish the compliment and to glance around our headquarter’s front office (aka The Parlor), we couldn’t help but smile. This room is truly much more than a space to occupy, and everything in it is way more than just stuff. It is a page from our story - a collection of our triumphs - a vignette from the 6 year journey of Palm Orleans. A journey we gleefully continue.

Art can be a great source of joy and is infused into each of our fabrics and wall coverings. Each new design begins with a paintbrush in hand, inspiration coming from the magical cities of Palm Beach and New Orleans. Our fabric and wallpaper are hand screen printed, an old world technique executed with superior craftsmanship that gives life to our patterns. We want our fabrics and wallcoverings to be beautiful but also playful, sophisticated yet whimsical. We are elated to know that our exuberance and love for all things pattern and color translates into our collection. We want our joie de vivre to be ingrained in all that we do. 

It also holds true that gratitude is the root of joy. We couldn’t be more thankful for our success thus far, and the relationships we have created along the way. We are grateful for each day and strive to find the fun and fantastic in every moment, observation, experience and conversation. Oh the places we have been and the people we have met - we have been surprised and delighted by so much over the years. Joy abounds in the Land of Palm Orleans!

In this blog, we want to share our discoveries, explorations and growth as a creative business. Thanks for reading, and I hope you join us on our adventures! Wishing y’all joy on a daily basis, in the extraordinary and even in the mundane.

Frondly yours,

Palm Orleans



August 17, 2022