Expanding on the concept that gratitude is the root of joy, here, in the land of Palm Orleans, we actively practice gratitude, especially on days when things do not go according to plan. Gratitude can be a powerful tool in your business’ toolbox. It can shield you from feeling overwhelmed and unable to overcome obstacles, so you can be in a positive mindset to problem solve and progress onwards and upwards. 

Reflecting on cherished memories is an easy and fun way to practice gratitude. We had an awe-inspiring experience visiting our wallpaper printer in New Jersey. We were able to peek behind the curtain and see where and how the magic happens! It felt like we were filming a segment for Reading Rainbow. We half expected LaVar Burton to be narrating our visit! While there, we observed the team of captivating, skilled craftsmen in all their glory. Those expertly mixing inks were like wizards concocting potions, while others, who were methodically hand screen printing wallpaper, entranced us with their rhythmic motions. We were absolutely spellbound by their talents and fascinated by each step taken to create the final product. It was quite the sorcery to behold! Even their “mess” and cleaning rituals had an artisanal quality to them.

We are so incredibly GRATEFUL for our experience that day - from learning the art of hand screen printing, to making new and strengthening old relationships, and to absorbing the enchantment of the whole process. After our visit, we felt connected to our printer on another level, more appreciative of the artistry and alluring beauty of hand screen printing, and even more passionate to offer hand screen printed wallpaper in the Palm Orleans collection of wallcoverings. The trip will be an experience we will be forever grateful for and will not soon forget.

The benefits of being grateful for the good things that have happened, are happening and can happen in your business are endless! We hope you enjoy these behind-the-scenes snapshots of our hand screen printed wallpaper visit; and, also, take a moment, a deep breath, think of three things you’re thankful for, and enjoy your own moment of gratitude.


Frondly yours,

Palm Orleans


A video featuring Oysters Jubilee wallpaper being hand screen printed is available on OUR STORY page! 
October 25, 2023